Learning to Plow Your Garden

Compact Tractor Plow

The main goal for plowing is loosen up soil to help create a seed bed by using a plow to dig over soil about 8” deep by 12” wide and tip it over 180 degrees. This covers old crop residue and weeds making for a more suitable garden bed.

Step 1: Preparation

Before you adventure on your journey of becoming a gardening master is a good idea to think ahead and prepare first. Even though somethings may seem obvious they can sometimes be easy to overlook. Be sure that your compact tractor has enough fuel, oil, and such. Check the tires for air and tire rot. Ensure that the plow is properly connected to the tractor and that any linkage of the three-point hitch are fastened securely. Be watchful of the chains are loose but not able to swing into the back tires. Make sure the weather is appropriate for working outdoors as wet ground will clog up the plow, wet ground also causes unsafe surfaces and plowing in wet soil could cause your tires to spin doing more damage to your seed bed than good.

The tractor in use is a Class 1 Compact Kubota B3301 tractor and a Land Shark Compact Tractor Plow with optional gauge wheel and coulter disc. One last thing to check before you begin plowing is to check the area you intent to plow. Make sure the area is clear of debris and objects that could damage the tractor or plow such as large rocks, pipes, hoses etc. It’s also a good idea if you are plowing a grassy area to mow the grass as close to the ground as you can to help prevent cluttering up the paths.

Step 2: Start Plowing!

Ready to Plow Your Garden

When starting to plow your garden it’s best to start at the right-hand corner of a field or area you intend to plow. The plows moldboard creates furrows by digging up and tipping over soil on the right hand side which is why it’s easier to go from right to left. To save yourself time from re-digging it’s best to drive about 6 to 10 feet and inspect the furrow on at least the two passes as the first is always more difficult get an accurate estimate. The main goal for the first pass is to create a nice clean cut straight furrow about 7” – 8” deep in the ground.

Step 3: The Second furrow

For the second row or furrow you’ll want to place right side wheels in the first furrow and the same with each additional furrow. By doing so this will keep ensure the same distance between furrows. Remember to plow about 10 feet and inspect the results for any adjustments that may need to be made. There is a good chance you’ll need to make a few adjustments after the first furrow simply because the first pass your plow should be set a little deeper. If you are satisfied with the results of the second you should be all set for the rest.

Step 4: Adjusting the Plows Depth Wheel

adjusting the plow depth wheel

If your plow has an adjusting depth wheel you will want to adjust this first as it should be easier than adjusting the actual plow. Be sure not to extend the depth wheel any deeper than your plow is designed for or the soil will not flip over as intended. If you don’t have depth wheel then you’ll need to use the tractor’s hydraulics in order to control the depth.

Step 5: Tractor Link Adjustment

By adjusting the top link you’ll be able to alter the angle of your plow allowing for more angled and deeper cuts. By carefully extending the top link you’ll be lowering the plow to make that deeper cut, however extending it too far will over tip the plow preventing it from digging into the surface properly. You may also need to re-adjust the depth wheel after making adjustments to the top link to get the depth and ridges of the furrow that you are looking for.

Step 7: Continuing to Cultivate

While plowing your garden is important it’s just the first step in cultivating and further tillage and harrowing should be really considered before planting any crops. Be safe and as always if you are unsure about something research it, look it up, or ask someone with experience before things get to bad off. Better safe than sorry.

plow furrows Plowed Garden Continuing to Cultivate Compact Tractor Garden Plow

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Land Shark Compact Tractor Plow Land Shark Compact Tractor Plow

Built low to the ground so your subcompact tractor will be able to lift it off of the ground. Many plows when sitting on flat ground cannot be lifted off of the ground by compact tractors due to the pins sitting close to the top of the vertical lift of the 3 point hitch.

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